February 2008: In the hustle and bustle of day to day we Christians often forget that one day the Lord has reached us and changed our lives. And everything gets better to the point of no longer feel the need to look to God as intensely as before. But God never gives up on us and when He has a promise in our lives He is faithful to fulfill. One night sleeping the Lord visited me in a dream and took me to a house where there were missionaries, go to another room in the house and God begins to exhort me:

-Why seek only riches? … And continues to urge me. So give me a piece of wood carved by hand and I said, ‘This is for you to read!. (Grant that Bolivia is Center Missions in Latin), was a command that God gave me, reflects the construction of the sentence is in the imperative.

I made a covenant with the Lord, gaining 100,000 lives to the Lord …

December 2011: After several years of preparation, we draw a goal to obey the Lord and move to Bolivia with my family.

First 3 months: They say it’s time is also a decisive factor for missionaries, then we all have contracted diseases, suffered from altitude adaptation, climate sequissimo and lack of basic things we were used to, finally passed the first stage.

June 2012: In just six months of work performed various jobs, working as a volunteer at a mission base in Cochabamba develop work with children, youth, evangelism, mission trips, work in orphanages, social work and campaigns for territorial strategic Mapeo for new jobs .